What is Philanthropy?

Philanthropy involves donating something of value, whether it be your time, money or name, to a charitable cause. There are many reasons why celebrities, public figures, HNI clients and families choose to engage in philanthropy. Whether it is passion for a specific cause or just a desire to give back to the community, your philanthropic legacy is a very personal property.

Whether you are just starting to think about giving something back to society or want to establish a fully managed charity foundation, Innovaid can help you create your philanthropic legacy.
Charitable Foundation

A Charitable Foundation is an organization that is established to meet specific philanthropic objectives. Your very own charitable foundation can be tailored to make an impact on a cause that you are passionate about.

Innovaid focuses on creating more sustainable and impactful organizations from which to conduct your philanthropy. We can help you establish your own foundation or harness the power of your existing charity foundation to take your work and impact to the next level.
Family Philanthropy

Family is the cornerstone of Indian community, so it's no surprise that many Indian families have a strong desire to develop effective and rewarding giving initiatives. Whether you want to help others affected by tragedy that has personally touched your family, or are interested in supporting a social cause, your philanthropy legacy can reflect your family's shared values.

Innovaid helps Indian families give back to the community by creating sustainable philanthropic portfolios. We specialize in succession planning to prepare the next generation and beyond to effectively steward the family's philanthropic legacy while preserving the Founder's original intent.
Grant Giving

As an alternative to your own fully fledged foundation, you can opt to adopt a cause or NGO that is close to your heart. Grant Giving shows that you care about a particular social issue and are actively doing something about it.

Innovaid works closely with you to develop a portfolio of credible NGOs that meet your specific needs and passions as a donor.