Philanthropy Services


A philanthropist’s journey is exciting, rewarding and constantly evolving. Innovaid can guide individuals through this process by supporting them every step of the way. We believe a thoughtful approach to philanthropy can achieve real social change.


We conduct extensive primary and secondary research on your chosen social issues to deepen your knowledge of the issue and identify the best role you can play within the existing ecosystem.

Foundation Strategy

Working with you to develop a strategic plan for your personal foundation or philanthropic legacy.  This includes all aspects of programs, governance, fundraising/finance, marketing, operations and human resources.


We assess your existing philanthropic initiatives or Foundation and provide objective recommendations on how to enhance and maximise your impact.

Portfolio of NGOs & Programs

Tailoring a Charitable Giving strategy with a portfolio of NGOs and specific projects or interventions that reflect your mission within your chosen social cause.

Succession Planning

Facilitate succession planning to prepare the next generation to lead the foundation while preserving the Founder’s original intent.

Fundraising Strategy

We can devise a comprehensive fundraising strategy for you and get you ‘fundraising ready’ through the development of fundraising collaterals.

Foundation Management

Innovaid can manage all aspects of your personal foundation.

Hand-holding & Capacity Building

We can work alongside your existing team to value add and inject our expertise and intellectual property into your philanthropic initiatives, building the capacity of your staff along the way.

Human Resources

Innovaid can help you recruit and train your very own in-house team to take your philanthropy forward in the future.

Legal Structure

We can facilitate the registration of your legal structure (Public Charitable Trust or Section 8 Company) and advise on the best structure to meet your unique needs.

Governance Structure

Innovaid will help you establish a board, advisory council and working groups to support your Foundation decision making and its long term sustainability.


Ensure compliance for Trusts, Societies and Section 8 (‘not for profit’) Companies and guide you on meeting your obligations with the Charity Commission and Registrar of Companies.

Registrations & Certifications

Innovaid can help you secure the necessary certifications for tax exemption under section 12A, 80G and 35A. We can also facilitate obtaining your Foreign Contribution Registration Act Certification to enable inflow of international funds.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We can develop a system to help you collect data to monitor your philanthropic initiatives and evaluate your initiatives for efficiency, impact and alignment with your objectives.


We can work with your partners to devise and implement a timely reporting system and schedule so you are updated on the progress of your philanthropic programs.

Trustee & Director Training

We can facilitate tailored workshops to upskill and train your Board of Trustees or Directors to ensure optimum management and succession planning for your Foundation.

Capacity Building

Our expert team can work alongside your staff and build their capacity to operate and manage a foundation.  Additionally we undertake capacity building for key partner NGOs that you support to support their self-sufficiency and sustainability well into the future.

Your Personal Foundation

We facilitate specialist training workshops on all aspects of managing your own personal Foundation from Programs, Governance/Legal, Marketing, Fundraising/Finance, Operations and HR.

Innovaid in Action

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