CSR Services


Corporate Social Responsibility provides you with an opportunity beyond mere compliance – an opportunity to be a leader, to reap reputational rewards, to engage and empower your stakeholders and to make an impact on social issues that are key to your business.

CSR Assessment

We assess your existing CSR initiatives to identify areas for improvement and help crystallize your area of focus.


We conduct extensive primary and secondary research on your chosen social issues to deepen your knowledge of the issue and identify the best role you can play within the existing ecosystem.

CSR Strategy

We provide objective recommendations for a new or revised strategic direction for your company’s CSR activities, which align with your company and its core competencies.

Program Identification & Design

We work collaboratively with you to identify or develop innovative, best practice and scalable CSR programs that make an impact.

NGO Due Diligence

We identify, screen and recommend strategic NGO partners for your company to work with when implementing your CSR strategy.

Outsource your CSR

Innovaid can implement all aspects of your corporate foundation or CSR strategy acting as your specialised CSR team.

Hand-holding & Capacity Building

We can work alongside your existing CSR team to value add and inject our expertise and intellectual property into your CSR initiatives.

Creation of Content

As development experts with strong communication skills, we develop content for integration into all your communications, including social media, website, blog, newsletters and other collaterals.

Facilitation of Governance

We help you structure, prepare for and facilitate key board, committee and governance meetings to ensure integration and ongoing sustainability of your initiatives.

Employee Engagement

We conduct employee engagement activities and volunteering programs that allow for a meaningful engagement of your staff in social issues your company cares about

New Companies Act

Review your compulsory reporting on CSR to ensure it meets the New Companies Act requirements and compliances.

CSR Committee & Policy

Ensure that your CSR Committee and CSR Policy comply with the New Companies Act.

Sustainability Reporting

We manage all aspects of Corporate Sustainability Reporting and have the inhouse capability to meet Global Reporting Index standards.  This includes development of powerful content, design, representation of data.

Charity Commissioner & Requirements

We can review your Foundation documentation including Trust Deed, MOA and AOA to ensure alignment and adherance with activities, whilst also facilitating obtaining 12A, 80G, 35C and FCRA registrations.

Sexual Harassment Compliance

We can ensure full compliance with the Sexual Harassment for Women at Workplace Act 2013, through the drafting of a company policy, establishment of complaints committees, employee sensitization workshop and reporting assistance.

Cause Marketing Campaign

We can help you develop a robust and holistic cause marketing campaign to ensure there is depth to your campaign and you lead, communicate, engage and advocate along the way.

External CSR Communications

Develop a marketing and communication strategy for your CSR programs that raise awareness and build credibility through the communication of your corporate identity externally.

Internal CSR Communications

Innovaid can devise and implement a strategy to promote your CSR internally and maximise the involvement and dedication of your staff base.


We undertake a detailed review of your CSR or Foundation activity across Programs, Marketing, Governance, Finance, Human Resources and Operations, against best practice benchmarks, and make strategic recommendations for you to make your money go the extra mile.

Needs Analysis

We can conduct a baseline study and needs analysis to provide a realistic program framework and baseline to compare your program impact  after your intervention.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We can develop a system to help you collect data to monitor your philanthropic and CSR initiatives and evaluate your initiatives for efficiency, impact and alignment with your objectives.


We can work with your partners to devise and implement a timely reporting system and schedule so you are updated on the progress of your CSR programs.

Introduction to CSR

This course will help businesses create a shared understanding of what it means to be a responsible business, while proposing a straightforward, adaptable model to help everyone in the business understand and develop their role.  It promotes how integrating responsible business practice and thinking beyond philanthropy helps a business thrive and survive!

Engaging Employees

Corporate responsibility is a key tool in inspiring and engaging employees to be part of the ‘big CSR picture.’ The workshop helps companies develop an approach to promote the active participation at all levels within the business.

How to Build your Own Corporate Foundation

This interactive workshop will equip participants with a simple planning process to create the vision as well as a comprehensive strategic plan for the setting up and management of a corporate foundation which acts as an investment rather than a liability for the mother company.

Responsible & Ethical Leadership

What are the social and environmental challenges businesses face? What does it mean to be a responsible leader ? This workshop increases awareness and personal understanding on what is Responsible Leadership and why it is a strategic imperative for businesses.

Effective Stakeholder Strategy

An active dialogue with those who have an interest and an influence in the business is an absolute cornerstone of a successful sustainable business. This workshop helps business develop a strategy and its practical implementation to involve both internal and external stakeholders.

CSR Communications

This workshop is targeted to those clients wanting to learn about international reporting guidelines (GRI, CR Index, etc) and how to effectively design a sustainability communications system to deliver a clear sustainability message internally and externally using effective communication tools.

New Companies Bill & SEBI Guidelines

The course provides understanding of how to effectively implement the latest CSR mandatory requirements with a specific focus on the New Companies Act and SEBI Guidelines.  Instructors will break down the entire mandatory guidelines with a particular emphasis on equipping participants with the skills necessary to comply with all the legal implication spanning from the SEBI ABRR framework to the CSR policy and other documentation requirement under the New Companies Bill.

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