Hutch Vodafone


In 2009, Hutchison and Vodafone Australia, two giants in the telecommunications space merged their business (3 and Vodafone) in a 50:50 joint venture called Vodafone Hutchison Australia - a much larger scale business that brought the 3 and Vodafone customers together under the Vodafone brand in Australia.

Hutch Vodafone

VHA now has more than 5.3 million customers, annual revenues of more than $3.5 billion and provides customers with an even greater choice of affordable telecommunications products and services.
The Objective

Human Resource representatives from the Mumbai office of Hutch Vodafone highlighted the need for a CSR initiative with the objective of generating compassion towards people and enhancing leadership skills among the future leadership base of Managers within the company.
The Role


Three social activities were prepared and coordinated by Innovaid to be included in Hutch Vodafone’s 9-month Social Leadership program in order to expose the company’s young leaders to specific social issues.

Each activity was carefully designed by Innovaid in collaboration with Hutch Vodafone representatives with the objective to educate, engage and empower young leaders to pursue compassionate solutions to social problems and to incorporate the lessons learnt into their daily lives as a Team Operation Manager (TOM). Following the Educate-Engage-Empower model, each Social Leadership activity consisted of 3 crucial phases comprising of:

A session of class room facilitation provided prior to on the ground deployment to familiarize participants with the social issue at hand as well as the complexity of each solution adopted by each different partner NGO.

Participants received first-hand experience on how each NGO project functions were provided an opportunity to interact with beneficiaries directly to receive on-the-ground understanding and appreciation for each activity and its impact at a grassroots level.

After the on-the-ground visit, a classroom session prepared with the collaborative efforts of Innovaid and Hutch Vodafone was implemented to address any questions that participants had and to apply the lesson learnt during the visit to the daily responsibilities that each young leader will face once he/she becomes part of the Hutch Vodafone Management.

The Results


Follow up questionnaires highlighted how the 3 social activities developed by Innovaid exposed each future Hutch Vodafone leader to unique challenges in the social sphere and allowed them to develop crucial critical thinking on how to tackle some of the most pressing social issues in Indian society in a professional, humane and caring way. In addition, each participant was then equipped with a new set of social skills that will greatly improve his/her compassionate approach to daily work objectives.

Client Speak


"A slum that generates $650 million dollars worth of revenue annually has a lot of learning’s to offer. Resourceful is the word that comes to my mind when I think of Dharavi - I have learned to consider the optimum utilization of resources and check all leakages in my work, and understand how I can contribute to society through my daily activities. "

Prajyot Lama

Hutch Vodafone GEM Leader