Rajasthan Royals


The Rajasthan Royals are the Indian Premier League cricket team representing the city of Jaipur and were champions of the inaugural tournament in 2008. Having garnered much success and fan following the franchise decided in 2013 to do something significant to ‘give back’ in the form of CSR to the state that had given them so much.

Rajasthan Royals

For a number of years, Rajasthan Royals had informally supported the international NGO, 'Operation Smile' through the provision of free office space, however had never formally launched the partnership and done any on-ground activities. Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Rajasthan Royals sit on the boards of Operation Smile in both the UK and India, respectively. Innovaid recommended the launch of a Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre in Jaipur to support Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries all year round, along with the launch of 'Rajasthan Smiles' - a state-wide campaign to promote the issue of Cleft and identify patients for surgery.
The Objective

Approximately 1 in every 700 Indian children is born with cleft and palate deformity and there is a backlog of more than 1 lakh sufferers in Rajasthan alone, awaiting life changing surgery!

Rajasthan Royals with the support of Innovaid, catalyzed a tripartite partnership with Santokbha Durlabhji Memorial Hospital and Operation Smile India. A ‘Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre’ was established in Jaipur to conduct free surgeries all year round to those affected by cleft.
The Role


Innovaid conceptualized and facilitated the entire initiative, including a state wide communication and engagement strategy to promote a ‘Cleft Free Rajasthan’:

  • Conceptualizing the initiative, forging strategic partnerships and coordinating execution in collaboration with key partners – SDMH, Operation Smile and Rotary in Rajasthan.
  • Development of all communications content to promote the CSR initiative not only to fans and the Rajasthan Royals Community, but more importantly across the state of Rajasthan.
  • Designing and executing volunteering and engagement opportunities for students in Jaipur and service orgnaizations such as Rotary.
  • Designing and executing Fundraising strategy for the initiative to support the delivery of 25 free surgeries per month.
The Results


The Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre stands as a legacy in Jaipur and continues to provide up to 25 free surgeries per month and follow up support (speech therapy, dental services and nutrition advice to patients and their families.

Significant recognition for the initiative was achieved through public relations and media engagement, a launch event and online strategy for the CSR initiative of the Rajasthan Royals.


Client Speak


"Innovaid facilitated the on-ground relationships to set up a Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre in Jaipur. This CSR initiative aimed to address the issue of cleft lip and palate repair in Rajasthan with the support of ‘Operation Smile’, a Rajasthan Royals partner. Innovaid also strategized and guided the partners across a range of CSR communications."

Santanu Chari

Vice President, Rajasthan Royals