Rahul Bose


Rahul Bose is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, director, social activist, and amateur rugby union player. Time magazine named him "the superstar of Indian arthouse cinema" while Maxim named him "the Sean Penn of Oriental cinema." He is also notable for his social activism - participating in the relief efforts that followed the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and is also the founder of the anti-discrimination NGO, The Foundation.

Rahul Bose

It was his active involvement in the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands that motivated Rahul Bose to start 'The Foundation.' The Foundation has, as its one-point agenda, the endeavor to remove all kinds of discrimination. Rahul wanted to start small, but to make an impact on the lives of children from the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Kashmir through work that is intelligent, focused, uncompromising, consistent and full of love.
The Objective

Rahul's Foundation was established in 2007 and through his commitment, hard work and dedication, he had managed to build the organisation to a certain level of impact and status. However The Foundation was completely reliant on Rahul - his untiring inputs, financial support and profile. Innovaid came on board to take The Foundation to an all new level and help Rahul maximise the power of his brand and relationships to grown the sustainability, reach and impact of the organisation.
The Role


Innovaid started at ‘The Foundation’ in 2009 and immediately undertook an organisational assessment to devise a 3 year strategy for the organisation going forward.  The primary areas of intervention included Operational streamlining, including the development of detailed position descriptions, training and capacity building of existing staff.  Innovaid set up an Advisory Board for the Foundation with trusted experts to provide key inputs and support Rahul in his mission.  With financial sustainability resting on the shoulders of the founder, Innovaid helped devise and execute a fundraising strategy with a focus on the Mumbai Marathon, and the development of a Flagship Event – ‘Equation – A Sports Memorabilia Auction.’  A key component of this was the set up and facilitation of an event steering committee to drive the event through to fruition.

The Results


Innovaid catalysed the transformation of The Foundation from a marketing, governance and fundraising perspective.  This saw the professionalization of the Foundation and a change in thinking about how Rahul could leverage his profile and networks to channelise more support into the Foundation.

  • Governance – The Set up of an Advisory Board, including an event Steering Committee to harness key skills, networks and time into the Foundation.  This helped address the sustainability and succession planning issues faced by the Foundation.
  • Marketing – Innovaid oversaw a total rebranding of the Foundation, including website re-development, development of key collaterals and online presence.
  • Fundraising – The Foundation was able to establish a multiple crore corpus, and increased the size of its corporate support by the time Innovaid exited The Foundation.
  • Operations – Innovaid undertook a series of capacity building initiatives with key Foundation staff and helped document operations through the creation of manuals.  Staff and volunteers were channelised and maximised through the redefinition of roles and responsibilities.
  • Strategy – Development of a 3 year strategy which took The Foundation to an all new level of operation.


Client Speak


"Innovaid is helping us generate the necessary support to expand the work we do in India, whilst also building the profile of The Foundation in the broader public. Their holistic approach has meant we are also streamlining our operations to be more effective in the work we do, redeveloping our marketing and communications collateral and designing additional programs to help achieve our objectives."

Rahul Bose

Indian Actor & Social Activist