Omkar Realty


Omkar Realtors are a premium property developer and slum redevelopment company, based in Mumbai. Since its inception in 2003, Omkar has delivered projects spanning over 4 million sq. ft. of residential and commercial real estate. Current projects are developing over 20 million sq. ft. area in the city.

Omkar Realty

Over the last decade, Omkar have emerged as a leader in Slum Redevelopment, having refined a successful model for the delivery of quality homes to slum dwellers, in a historically problematic and controversial sector. As a part of their CSR commitment, they have expanded and enhanced their core mission - to ensure quality living for all of Mumbai’s residents.
The Objective

In 2014, Omkar approached Innovaid to help establish The Omkar Foundation and develop social initiatives in order to improve the quality of living for slum dwellers in the communities in which they were working. Omkar also wanted to launch a campaign to promote the benefits of Slum Re-development for the greater city of Mumbai.

The Role


Innovaid is providing Omkar with a one-stop shop and end-to-end service for the set up and ongoing management of their Foundation. Innovaid is playing an active role in ensuring the roll out of quality programs which achieve maximum impact on the ground, as well as greater stakeholder and community buy-in. Moreover, Innovaid is instrumental in ensuring accounting, financing, governance and legal compliance of the New Companies Act in relation to mandatory CSR.

The Results


Innovaid has guided Omkar on their CSR journey and driven their efforts in the following areas:

  • Strategy – Innovaid developed a detailed 3 year strategy plan for the Omkar Foundation and its inaugural initiative, Re-Mumbai, adding depth and a focused strategy to the CSR infrastructure of the entire company.
  • Programs – Innovaid conducted extensive research on the 4 themes prioritized by the Foundation and value added to the existing programs while fostering new partnership with leading international NGOs.
  • Governance – Innovaid facilitated the governance structure by facilitating appropriate boards, committees and HR structures, in compliance with the New Companies Act.
  • Compliance – Innovaid looked after all compliance related matters in relation to the New Companies Act, including the establishment of a CSR Committee, Policy & Reporting mechanisms.
  • Marketing – Innovaid and Omkar marketing executives collaborate extensively, providing all content for the website, social media and other PR and marketing initiatives, while the company’s marketing team is responsible for the implementation phase.
  • Finance – Innovaid advises Omkar through a special task force team on complex issues pertaining to accounting and tax related compliances & how to increase the tax benefits for the company.
  • Operations –Innovaid assist Omkar with a formal Monitoring & Evaluation system to ensure a better record keeping of the overall impact fostered at the grass-root level.

Client Speak


"As a CSR advisory agency, Innovaid is doing a remarkable job in putting together a visionary CSR structure for Omkar which is based on transforming the lives of the weakest sections in Mumbai and spreading the message of inclusive redevelopment of the city."

Sumanth Kumar

Public Relations Advisor, Omkar Realty