Mahindra Swaraj


Mahindra Swaraj is the farm equipment division of Mahindra & Mahindra and the number one tractor selling company in India. For two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, Mahindra Swaraj was rated highest in its industry in the Customer Satisfaction Index, and the company enjoys a reputation for reliable tractors in India and across six continents.

Mahindra Swaraj

Swaraj is a stalwart brand for the state of Punjab, and Mahindra is a renowned name in being a socially responsible business. The CEO of Mahindra Swaraj felt passionate about the plight of the state's youth who were fighting a losing battle against drugs, particularly in rural communities.
The Objective

Given its reputed presence in Punjab, Mahindra Swaraj contacted Innovaid in order to identify a way in which to address an issue pertinent to the future of the state: the drug epidemic that is crippling the state. As a leader in business concerned about the future of its industry, Mahindra Swaraj is well positioned to tackle drug addiction amongst youth who represent the future of the agricultural industry.

The Role


Innovaid was tasked with the coordination and facilitation of a detailed research report and advised a series of community consultation initiatives to capture on-ground local information to inform the development of a CSR strategy for Mahindra Swaraj.  This five step process saw Innovaid drive the entire process of secondary and primary research, community consultation, strategy development and now, implementation.

The Results


From conceptualization to on-ground execution, Innovaid has been instrumental in driving the company’s new approach to CSR in the state of Punjab:

  • Research – Comprehensive Secondary Research Report providing a critical overview of current trends in the supply and demand of drugs in Punjab, as well as treatment and prevention methods undertaken.
  • Primary Research – Experts Forum in Chandigarh, capturing the invaluable opinions of over 25 experts on issues related to drug addiction in Punjab, through intensive small group discussions.
  • Community Consultation – A series of discussion workshops with 40-50 village members from target communities in Mohali
  • Strategy – Designing a strategic plan for Mahindra Swaraj’s structured CSR initiative in Punjab and forging key partnerships for sustainable, quality execution.
  • Implementation – Innovaid is facilitating the implementation of strategy on ground in collaboration with Mahindra Swaraj CSR Team and identified NGOs.


Client Speak


"This is the first time that anyone thought to actually ask us what WE want for our community and what our ideas are to tackle the problem of drugs among our youth - thank you!"

Community Leader - Participant in Community Consultation

Khizrabad Village, Mohali, Punjab