Why Innovaid


As specialists in philanthropy and CSR in India, there are several reasons why our clients keep coming back to us.

We tailor CSR to meet your business objectives

CSR can be a powerful tool that creates shareholder value and makes a real difference to your customers, employees and stakeholders. We leverage our experience in India and internationally to help you create a lasting value that aligns with your company's objectives and philosophy. With our guidance your CSR strategy can lead to social change and simultaneously build competitive advantage and stakeholder wealth.
We make philanthropy easy

There are many different ways that you can help the disadvantaged in India, but it isn't easy to know how to go about it. Innovaid can answer your questions and tailor a giving strategy that meets your individual needs and passions.
We are trustworthy and transparent

It isn't always easy to know who you can trust with your donations that's why Innovaid can provide you with peace of mind. We put in place processes that track the money you invest in NGO's and other philanthropic activities to ensure that it is spent in the way intended.
We fast track things             

As specialists in the area of strategic philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovaid knows how to get things done quickly. We leverage the breadth of our experience to get your charity foundation or CSR initiatives set up and operating efficiently. We have all the necessary processes, contacts, skills and documentation to help you get where you want to be faster.
We are innovative and use best practice

As leaders in our field, we actively keep up-to-date with innovations and best practice. Innovaid takes this further by looking at how we can improve on these initiatives or apply best practice for the benefit of our clients. We also design creative ways of doing things to ensure that our work is in line with international benchmarks and constantly raise the bar in all that we do.
We bring your passion to life

Innovaid works with you to understand what you are passionate about and then determine a path forward that ensures you can make a real impact. We understand that you have unique pressures as well as a reputation to protect, and work with you to meet your needs and desired outcomes. We do not push specific social issues, but rather focus on crystallizing ideas and interests that are uniquely yours.