Our Mission


Innovaid helps leaders maximize their impact by taking a strategic approach to philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility in India.

Our Vision


Strategic philanthropy and CSR for maximum impact.

Our Values


Innovaid doesn't reinvent the wheel but we do apply innovative ideas to best practice models. This ensures our clients receive a personalized and unique program that meets their needs as investors. We keep an eye on emerging trends, both within India and globally, to create effective solutions for all stakeholders.

We foster a culture of transparency and honesty in our collective conduct and cultivate an environment of trust and assurance for our clients. We demand ethical and transparent processes to give our clients peace of mind knowing their money is being spent in the most efficient and effective way to help the disadvantaged.

We like to think outside the box. Inject creativity and unique thinking into everything we do. This fire is reflected in our work and sets us apart from the crowd.

Innovaid believes in taking a collaborative approach to problem solving. As facilitators, we bring together like-minded organizations and people to collectively tackle issues and find solutions as a team. By partnering and handholding where necessary, we ensure that every initiative has the maximum impact.

Innovaid believes in accountability and responsibility. We choose to work with leaders who share a common vision and have a strong commitment and integrity with the objective of making a difference in India.

We are passionate about social change in India. This enthusiasm comes through in everything we do. It's reflected in the dedication we give to each project and in the way we work together as a team.